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movaline - mah-vah-leen

This blog stands to voice my opinion on certain products and styles.

Behind the name
My grandmother's middle name was Mauveline. Everyone called her that as a child. When trying to find a unique blog name, Mauveline crossed my mind almost immediately. I think it has a vintage feel to it and it's uncommon - thus making a great blog name! I decided to use an unconventional spelling to ensure my blog name is original.

Behind the blog - meet the blogger
I am a mid-twenty something girl from the South - also known as Tennessee, USA. I own too much make-up, jewelry, shoes and clothes. I love bargain hunting. I am addicted to pinterest. I like to write and dress girly. I have a typical 9 - 5, Monday through Friday job where I dress "business casual" but err on the side of business. I have sarcastic tendencies. I love rap music, history and going to bed before midnight.

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