Monday, September 16, 2013

Tips on What NOT to Wear to Work

You want to be taken seriously, you want a raise, you want to know what to wear for your first day of work, etc. Well, here's what NOT to wear to your office job.

My office is business casual. No, you won't get in trouble if you wear jeans everyday...but should you? No. Remember that every office is different. Your best bet is to observe what co-workers wear.

There are a few guidelines you should follow. Even if you don't get in trouble for your poor clothing choice, you still might lose some office respect.

1. No leggings as pants. If it's cold, you can wear a dress with leggings and nice boots, but that is your cut off.

2. Don't wear jeans everyday. It's an unspoken rule around my office that Friday is "Casual Friday" or jean day. You can come up with 4 other outfits a week, promise.

3. No bare shoulders. Don't go strapless! There is never a time you should break this rule.

4. No tank tops or spaghetti straps. Invest in sleeves. Invest in cardigans. Cover up your shoulders, please.

5. Absolutely no flip flops. Save them for the weekends. You can get away with nice sandals, but you're better off wearing nice flats.

6. No low cut tops. No one needs to see your cleavage. This isn't the club! (Unless you work in a club, then just disregard this whole article.)

7. No short skirts. We had a rule at my middle school. Skirts should extend past your finger tips. I still use this as a guide today.

8. No ripped clothing. No ripped jeans. No shirts with holes. You don't want to look like you just fought the paper shredder and the shredder won.

9. No graphic tees. Plain t-shirts or patterns are acceptable, if dressed up.

10. Don't wear shorts! Not even bermuda shorts.

11. Off the shoulder tops should be left off - and at home. No, you can't get away with one bare shoulder.

12. Nothing sheer. No one needs to see your bits and pieces. I'm sure it'll distract from their daily facebook usage while pretending to work.

Think you can handle that?

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