Saturday, September 28, 2013

Black Booties & Outfits

Today was a great day. No, not just a great day -- an epic day! I bought a beautiful pair of black booties.

Every lady should own a pair. They are a classy edition to your closet and you can wear them many outfits. You can wear them to work, on weekends, out with the girls or on date night.

My favorite outfit, after cold weather strikes, will be my black booties, black tights, a dress and cardigan. Perfect and work appropriate.

On weekends, I'm going to live in leggings, a sweater and a scarf. Easy, but it looks pulled together and like you put forth more effort than throwing on a pair of sweat pants.

I'm looking foward to cooler weather and living in tights & leggings, but until then, I'm going to wear my new booties with a dress, belt and jacket.


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