Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Great Deals You Can Find at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is really a hidden gem.

First off, everything IS a dollar. (There may be a few items like candy bars that are .69 cents, but over 99% of their items are strictly a dollar.)

Dollar Tree sometimes gets close outs  and that equals saving $$ for you.

Example - Rimmel London eyeshadow quads used to be $5 at my local drugstore. I found 4 varieties recently discontinued at my local Dollar Tree for a $1 a piece! That is a savings of $4.

Update 10/1/2013 - I stopped by another Dollar Tree and found Rimmel Glam Eyes HD also for $1!

When you go to Dollar Tree, be prepared to look down each isle. The stores aren't that large, so it's not hard to tackle. It also helps if you have a price in mind for things you usually buy.

Don't Pass Up These Dollar Tree Bargains:

1. Wrapping paper,  tissue paper, gift bags
2. Glassware
3. Cleaning supplies
4. Toothbrushes, dental floss, tooth paste, etc.
5. Hair elastics, clips, head bands
6. Cotton swabs, fingernail polish remover, cotton balls
7. Boxed candy (like the movie theater kind)
8. Zip lock bags - their kind works just as well as name brand
9. Greeting cards
10. Eyeglasses, sunglasses (they actually do have some cute styles - great if you lose yours often)
11. Make-up remover wipes, hand wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes
12. Pregnancy tests (seriously! they work!)
13. Hand held mirrors
14. Flashlights
15. Car air fresheners
16. Snacks - like pretzels, chips
17. Small plastic containers, tubberware
18. Party supplies & balloons
19. Seasonal items
20. Frozen french fries (had to throw this in there! they taste the same as the expensive ones!)

Also check their bread isle. My local Dollar Tree stores get premium bread from the local grocery store. Usually they are close to their expiration date, but they keep for a week afterwards. You can also find snack cakes, buns, rolls, etc.

I also like to check out the socks. Sometimes they have cute socks that can be worn as boot socks.

Use your judgement with your make-up finds. They do carry a lot of good deals though - you just have to check back often.

*Not a sponsored blog. Just my opinion.

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