Monday, September 30, 2013

Discount Jewelry at Flea Markets


Guess how much all of this jewelry cost!

$80? Not even close.
$55? No, try again.
$25? Nope.

Only $14!

My secret? I shop at the flea market.

Nashville, TN has a monthly flea market. It's where I buy almost all of my jewelry. The best part? There are three vendors who sale $1 jewelry. They have tents set up where everything is a dollar! It's insane, really. When I first discovered this, I felt like I was in heaven! It's not unusual for me to spend $60 and come home with 60 pieces. Yes, my jewelry collection is HUGE.

I love costume jewelry. I am too indecisive to save up to buy more expensive pieces. I like the freedom of wearing different jewelry everyday or something different with each outfit. No, all of the jewelry does not have top notch quality. You won't find a ring there to wear everyday for the next twenty years. Your necklace probably will not last ten years (it might!). Some things do break the first time you wear them. That has only happened to me less than 1% of the time though. I get at least a few wears out of every piece and I do have things I bought three years ago.

I get compliments all of the time on the jewelry I wear: necklaces, earrings and bracelets. No one can tell I only paid a dollar. Whenever I let people in on my little secret, they are shocked! You'd never know I only spent a dollar.

It's worth finding a local flea market where you live. If they don't have dollar jewelry, they may have antique pieces or handmade jewelry. It's worth spending a Saturday afternoon rummaging around. There also may be a dollar jewelry store in your area. Google search your city and "dollar jewelry" to see what you can come up with. If you're in the Tennessee area, I recommend you check out the Nashville flea market. I guarantee you'll find something you like!

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