Wednesday, October 30, 2013

10 Trends I Can't Get Behind

There are a few trends I hate. Or maybe I just don't understand them? Either way, I thought I would share with you some things you'll never catch me wearing...

1. Animals on sweaters
Kittens, puppies, foxes, oh my! They are everywhere. I don't think I could wear one without feeling like I was eight years old again. I think that was cool back then, right? I don't know, but everything inside of me screams that this trend is not for me.

2. Galaxy leggings
Sure, my thighs might be as vast as the milky way, but I don't need the galaxy printed across them. Maybe I'm starting to show my age, but even ten years ago in my teens I don't think I would sport these bad boys.

3. Chunky heels
Hello, chunky heels. Please go back to the 90s where you belong! They might be easier to walk in than their stiletto counterparts, but they are so bulky and look sloppy. You're better off in flats. Or barefoot.

4. Platform sneakers - "Flatforms"
I first noticed these making a comeback after Miley Cyrus wore them. Um, that should be a clue enough. I wouldn't follow her fashion lead. These are not the least bit cute.

5. Cat flats
While we're on the subject of bad shoes, let's ask the questions, "why?", regarding cat flats, or whatever they're called. Are you supposed to wear them with your cat sweater?

6. Glitter sequin uggs
Boots with caked on glitter sequins or any shoes with caked on glitter remind me of a girly tin man.

7. Harem pants
This lady at my work wears harem pants but she doesn't weigh more than 90 pounds. These pants, however, make you look huge. You're not MC Hammer. Wear some jeans.

8. Striped pants
You're not Robin Thicke or Beetlejuice...and most jail inmates wear orange. So, please, step away from the stripes.

9. Leather / pleather tops
I can deal with just about anything leather besides leather shirts. They look hot and sticky and have no stretch to them. Biker gangs don't even wear them so you shouldn't either.

10. Studded / spiked shirts, bracelets, shoes, etc.
I'm a clumsy person and I don't want to fall and impale myself on my article of clothing. I could also potentially poke one of my eyes out or someone else's. That is just how my luck goes.

I will stop at 10. This is list is gag worthy enough!
(This post was not intended to offend. Fashion is always about your own personal sense of style and what works for you. Feel free to tell me what you hate/love in the comments.)

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