Saturday, October 26, 2013

Great Find: The Perfect Leggings

I've searched and searched for the perfect leggings and I've finally found them! I wanted leggings or jeggings that I could wear with boots this fall and winter.   I wanted to wear them with big sweaters and be comfy. They also had to be able to pass as pants. :)

I found some in great colors at Wal-Mart. They passed the test. They don't lose their shape. They come past my ankles. (I'm 5'4" but I have long legs and a short torso.) They also are made of good material that isn't super thick, but it's also not lightweight - a happy medium. They're also very comfortable and fit great!

These Faded Glory leggings come in many different colors and designs. So far, I have bought the burgundy/ox blood, olive green, teal, gray & black houndstooth, camouflage and black/blue floral pattern. I think I will probably end up with one of each color/design. I guess I'm the type that when I find something I like and that fits great, I buy one in every color. :)  You also can't beat the price, under $12 a pair!

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