Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What I Wore Today 10/16/13

Luckygold paddle necklace: here | Tees by Tina Smooth tank top: here | Artisan De Luxe Aztec Pullover Sweater: here | Aeropostale Foldover Combat boot: here | Refuge Charlotte Russe legging: here

Today was the first day I've worn my brown combat boots! It was a rainy, cold day and I thought they needed to come out to stomp through the mud puddles with me.

I wore my olive green skinnies with a camel brown tank top and brown aztec inspired sweater. The sweater is great because it has other fall colors mixed in, so you can wear it with endless outfits.

It was a comfy, but rainy day. I even got complimented that I look nice in brown. However, brown is a neutral, so I think everyone does!

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